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Barron Trump debuts at father’s Florida campaign rally to sustained applause

The youngest son of former President Donald Trump made his debut on the campaign trail.

Barron Trump appeared at his father's rally in Doral, Florida, on Tuesday night, where he stood for a sustained applause amid praise from Donald.

'That’s the first time he’s done it. That’s the first time, right?' Trump said as Barron accepted applause. 'You’re pretty popular, he might be more popular than Don and Eric, we gotta talk about this. Hey Don, we gotta talk about this.'

'So Barron, it’s good to have you. Welcome to the scene, Barron,' Trump continued. 'He had such a nice, easy life. Now it's a little bit changed.'

The former president clarified that Barron is set to go to college in the coming semester and has 'made his choice' on school, but did not clarify where he would be attending.

Trump has previously praised his 18-year-old son as a 'smart one,' adding that the former first son likes to give his dad political advice. 

'He’s seen it, he doesn’t have to hear it,' the 2024 presumptive Republican nominee previously told Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT after the host asked if he had advised Barron on 'how nasty' politics can be.

'He’s a smart one,' Trump continued. 'He doesn’t have to hear much, but he’s a great guy. He’s a little on the tall side. I will tell you, he’s a tall one. But he’s a good-looking guy, and he’s really been a great student and he does like politics.'

At one point, the teenager was set to take an active part in Republician Party politics as a delegate for his father.

Republican Party of Florida chairman Evan Power said in May that Barron would serve as one of 41 at-large delegates from Florida to the national gathering, where the GOP is set to officially nominate his father as its presidential candidate for the November general election.

However, this plan proved premature after Barron's mother — Melania Trump — shut down such plans that same month.

'While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments,' Melania Trump's office said in a statement following the announcement.

Fox News Digital's Brie Stimon contributed to this report.

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