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Donald Trump-linked MAGA Puss ($PUSS) goes live as Solana memes lead market rebound

The cryptocurrency market kick-started the week with bearish tendencies as Bitcoin plunged to $60K.

While macro elements such as the Fed’s outlook on interest rates injured sentiments, updates about Mt. Gox liquidating BTC and BCH to repay creditors magnified market instability.

However, Solana-based meme cryptos reversed the trend, and MAGA Puss ($PUSS) joined the market on June 26 to capitalize on the imminent solid recoveries.

Solana meme tokens lead the upside

Themed digital tokens continue to outperform the market.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum gained 1.13% and 0.89% in the past day, top Solana memes surged up to 20%.

PONKE, POPCAT, and WIF dominated trends with remarkable daily gains.

Nonetheless, Dogwifhat’s significant rebound after losing over 30% last week attracted attention.

WIF gained over 20% within the last 24 hours to hover at $2.03 at this publication.

WIF 1D Chart on Coinmarketcap

It boasts over $2 million in market capitalization, ranking as the 58th largest crypto by value.

WIF surged to the ATHs of $4.84 in March 2024 before market-wide corrections over the past three months pushed it 60% lower from its all-time peaks.

Nevertheless, the current price actions indicate possibilities of solid revivals to record highs.

The altcoin has capitalized on Shiba Inu dog mania on the Solana network since its launch late last year.

Meanwhile, Dogwifhat attracted attention due to its community focus and carefree approach.

Its swift surge to compete with established tokens like Dogecoin and SHIB underscores how quickly themed assets gain popularity.

Meowing America Great Again (MAGA) Puss is a cat-Trump crossover coin that seems prepared to become the leading asset in the meme token world.

Introducing MAGA Puss

MAGA Puss launched its presale on June 26, and the project appears to have what it takes to reclaim a top spot in the themed cryptocurrency space.

Besides capitalizing on the Solana memes craze, MAGA Puss’s uniqueness and the team’s strategies set it up for greatness.

First and foremost, MAGA Puss chose Solana due to its reliability, speed, and cost, making the alt available for all enthusiasts.

Furthermore, its timing seems strategic. The Donald Trump-linked token has joined the market as the US political scene heats up.

MAGA Puss will likely capitalize on Trump’s popularity in the crypto sector and the campaign buzz for swift growth in 2024.

That positions native $PUSS for impressive price actions in the upcoming sessions.

Meme cryptocurrencies have outperformed sectors like AI and RWA tokens in 2024.

The trend will likely continue, translating to robust growth for digital coins such as MAGA Puss.

You can visit their official website to “Grab ’em by the PUSS.”

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